Advanced Multi-tab UI Framework

Sasak UI Demo

Multi Tab UI

Open as many tabs as you need. Switch between tabs and resume your work with ease.

Multi Tab UI

Non Intrusive Nested Menu

The menu can be made nested, as many levels as you need. The menu will hide after an item is selected, leaving you with maximum UI space.

Nested Menu

Maximum UI Space

With minimal blocking UI and non intrusive menu, you will have maximum UI space to play with.

Maximum UI Space

Integrated Components and Templates

LoginView Template, DataBrowser Template, Menu System, Dashboard Template, and Dialog Window will help you ease develop your applications

Login template
Data browser template
Menu system
Dashboard template

Based on Vaadin Framework

Vaadin is a secure and advanced Java UI Framework. Vaadin has an active community, and various community components are available at Vaadin Directory. Built on top of Vaadin Framework, Sasak UI is compatible with Vaadin components and 3rd party components on Vaadin Directory.

Vaadin Directory

Open Source

Open source means you have the knowledge with you, and you have the power to adjust the code to your needs.

Sasak UI
Basic Components


  • Multi Tab UI
  • Nested Menu
  • Integrated Components & Templates
  • Source code included

App Starter
Level I


  • All components in Basic Components
  • Menu Editor
  • Module Designer (Search Fields & Filter)
  • Integrated, customisable Search Fields and Filter
  • Source code included

App Starter
Level II


  • All components in App Starter Level I
  • Role Management
  • User Management
  • App History (with before and after state)
  • Source code included